Perennial Flowers


Annuals might be lots of fun and add vivid colors to your garden, but perennials are the foundation for beautiful greenery and texture. Plus, planting perennials lets you savor the joy of seeing your flowers and plants thrive year after year.


At Washington Greenhouse, we have all the perennials a Central Illinois gardener could ever want. From classic favorites like the Primrose to peonies and lilies, we can help you locate and plant the simple, the exotic, and everything in between. With nearly an acre of covered growing space that we tend to year-round, our selection can’t be matched.


In addition to seeds, fresh ready-to-plant flowers, and numerous accessories, we also have experts who can help you find the right plants for any setting, plan your garden, and even move perennials from one spot to another. Plus, we have all the “extras” that make your flowers stand out, like mulch and stone. Whatever you’ve been imagining, we can help you grow.


There’s never a bad time to consider more perennials for your garden, so visit us at Washington Greenhouse today! Or, to ask a question of our friendly staff, feel free to call us during business hours at 309-745-8238.